Some individuals say that picking lottery numbers is a game of chance and also the result is totally random, other people think that there's a pattern. I can't give you the winning numbers for next draw but here's the best tip there is on maximising winnings when picking lottery numbers. There are two main "scientific" approaches to picking lottery numbers--hot numbers and due numbers. Learn the secrets to picking winning lottery numbers. Tips to increase your chances to win the lottery. Help with picking lottery numbers. Here you will learn what to do and what not to do when picking lottery numbers. If yes, then read this article and learn all about picking lottery numbers. Learn these simple tips on picking lottery numbers and you'll see how easily you can winning and win again.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Picking Lottery Numbers System:

1. Will it work in my country?

Yes, the System works for most Lotto games in any country. The only two games you can't play so far are 90 number games. The Silver Lotto System accepts all games of 5 to 7 balls and up to 69 numbers.

2. Is there any extra cost after I buy?

No, apart from the usual cost to buy your lotto tickets each game, there are no other extra costs at all. You may want to buy my Custom Profile to save you time and effort working out the system, but that's a time-saver, not essential.

3. How much do I have to spend each week on lotto games?

You can spend just a few dollars on your lotto game if you like. The Silver Lotto System gives an incredible boost to small ticket investments. But if you're after regular winnings quicker, you need to spend more. There's no fixed amount--just match how much you want to spend.

4. How much better is the Silver Lotto System than other lotto systems?

I don't research other systems any longer, because there's only one real way to check them out and that's to look at their testimonial pages. Generally there are none there. That tells you a lot. My testimonial examples here are huge, and there are many hundreds more testimonials I haven't had time to put up here. Here's a comparison chart of other features from another system:

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